23 - 31 Oct. Cluj-Napoca

Infinity Flower. The story of Transylvania Open 2021 trophy


Every story has its ending, and ours will be out of a fairy tale. It couldn’t be otherwise, since Transylvania Open promises to be truly magic. Our fairies will fight for the title and for a truly special trophy: a jewel that symbolizes ancient Romanian traditions and values.

The trophy is created by Malvina Cservenschi, a Romanian designer who thought to transform the geometric element from Brancusi’s Endless Column into a petal. And from that petal the Infinity Flower has arisen, a jewelry piece with a unique and powerful message, part of Infinity – which is the most admired Malvensky collection. The trophy represents infinite love, and unlimited trust in human potential. It is also a tribute to the invaluable Endless Column, a work of art by the beloved Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi.

Each Malvensky jewel is designed to bring you closer to a nation’s authentic spirit and values. Honoring such traditions with powerful and significance-loaded jewels will make us celebrate beauty and harmony at the highest possible level.

Malvina Cservenschi, founder of Malvensky: „I have chosen to use the Infinity Flower symbol for Transylvania Open trophies thanks to the slogan of this large-scale event: Tennis with a touch of magic. Sports is one of my interests together with jewelry. I add a drop of magic in every piece that carries my signature. And the Infinity Flower is truly magic because it is an unique model, a jewel-flower which, through its geometric, clean and symmetric structure, gives birth to the idea of the Absolute, the desire to free ourselves from any limit, and the idea of Perfection understood as Harmony. The Infinity Flower also encompasses in its essence those values that combine creation and the white sport: determination, vision, discipline, imagination and courage.”

The trophies that are to be given to the winners of Transylvania Open, both in singles and doubles, are made out of white crystal.

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