23 - 31 Oct. Cluj-Napoca

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Dear friends,

Transylvania Open’s first edition was unfortunately held without you, the public. This wasn’t neither our decision, nor yours. We hope that what you’ve read and seen about the tournament has convinced you to support us further on. Many players, among which Simona Halep and Emma Raducanu, have promised they will come back next year; please take their promises as a pledge for our seriousness and commitment.

We want to thank you for your understanding and patience: we needed to wait for the tournament to end so we can present the options for those of you who have bought tickets or passes. Here they are.

Every person who bought a ticket will have two options, which we will communicate in detail Thursday, November 4th, through our ticketing partner, Entertix. Each person who bought a ticket or a tournament pass will receive an email with the following options:

Option 1 – you keep your current pass/ticket for Transylvania Open’s next edition (2022) and you won’t be affected by an eventual change of price. You will be allowed to preferentially choose a better seat in the stand, maintaing the current features of your ticket (For instance, if you have a ticket for Day 6 in TO 2021, you will preferentially change it for a ticket in Day 6 of TO 2022.). Furthermore, we will add some benefits for each of the two categories (pass and ticket holders), which benefits we will present in detail in the email you will receive on Thursday.


Option 2 – the refund. Please remember that the authorities’ decision to prohibit public access to sports events was announced just one day before the tournament was set to begin. That has caused us, the organizers, the following problem: we have to make essential payments for the 2022 edition within the following weeks, which means we will face an apex in this period of time. Because of this we will be able to refund the tickets and the tournament passes only starting from January 25th, 2022. The time frame for this refunding will be January 25th – April 25th 2022,  following the order of the requests (first come, first served).

Your option can be communicated to us within 30 days, that is until December 4th, 2021.

Thank you again and please keep in mind that, by supporting us now, you support the largest Romanian-based tennis event.

Transylvania Open Team

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