23 - 31 Oct. Cluj-Napoca
Press Accreditation

The accreditation process will be open between 4th-18th of October 2021

All requests will be analyzed, and accreditations will be approved taking into account the available slots

!!! Given the national rules and regulations available due to the pandemic, the places available for press are limited

All journalists present at the event must be fully vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 and have the digital green certificate

To access the accreditation form, follow the steps communicated by e-mail or contact the PR specialist of the tournament

Accreditation cards are not transferable

The press conferences will be organized exclusively online and the accredited journalists will have access to them based on the link sent by the organizers

Photographers and cameramen can take pictures or film only from the specially arranged area on the court


Bianca Somlea
PR Specialist
0744 844 792

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